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Jennifer KeelJennifer L. Keel

Jennifer L. Keel has been practicing law since 2004. She works exclusively to help people who have been injured due to substandard care in the medical field, including mothers and children who have suffered harm before, during, or after delivery. Birth injuries are a key focus area for Jennifer, as she recognizes the catastrophic influence such trauma may have on mother and baby alike.

A diverse medical background gives Jennifer a unique advantage in handling birth injury claims. She studied biology and chemistry in college and worked as a paramedic in New York for six years, where she diagnosed and treated thousands of patients in need of immediate medical care. Jennifer also spent two years as a Tissue Procurement Specialist and Procurement Team Leader for the Rochester Eye and Human Parts Bank, where she performed surgery to recover transplantable tissues and joints for recipients across the U.S. She also worked in the operating room as an anesthesia technician and scrub-assistant technician and worked with Alzheimer’s patients. She also has veterinary experience with large and small animals.

Jennifer has the benefit of understanding the medical issues at hand in birth injury claims, and she uses this knowledge to her clients’ advantage. She handles cases involving all types of birth trauma and injuries, including: maternal and infant wrongful death, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injury, shoulder dystocia, hypoxic-anoxic brain injuries, preeclampsia, kernicterus, pre-term birth, cephalohematoma, and more.

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